‘French Inspirations’ is my music journey through an unrevealed world of 20th century guitar music. The project focuses on three significant French composers:

Eugene Bozza, Georges Migot and Henri Sauguet.

The compositions are full of uncommon colours and show guitar in totally new perspective. Their styles are very individual. Each ofthe composers has personal approach to guitar and uses its possibilities in its unique way. I strongly believe in importance of their works. My goal is to record a CD with their solo guitar compositions.

I discovered their music during my studies in Royal Conservatoire in The Hague and I performed it as a part of my master diploma recital.

The music brings a lot of beautiful memories, thoughts and inspirations. It reminds me of the time I spent in the conservatoire, great people that I have met, beauty of music and pursuit of my dream of being a performer. I still enjoy performing those compositions. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to release ‘French Inspirations’ as my debut CD- to share a part of my world with the listener.

“Rafal’s Zydek ‘French Inspirations’ project shows the richness of French guitar repertoire set around the middle of 20th century. Rafal intoduces to audience almost unperformed music written by accomplished French composers. He includes pieces that stand as gems in guitar repertoire.”       Victor Landeira- composer, poet, musicologist


The CD is on its way!